More than a diet, a complete program!


More than a diet, a complete program!

The HealthPointe Health and Wellness program can teach you in clear and easy-to-live-with terms, the how and why of effective health and weight management. HealthPointe 2.0 employs proven weight loss concepts in a simple and easy to use program that uses real food, not gimmicks, to help you lose the weight you want, and learn how to keep it off as well.

Weight loss and Wellness made simple!

Enjoy satisfying, nutritious meal plans consisting of real, not packaged, foods.

Discover how your body uses food and burns fat.

Learn how to manage stress, curb your appetite, control cravings and develop new habits to make lasting lifestyle changes for health and wellness.

For more information you can logon to (input the PASSWORD ‘wellness’ to enter the site) then contact us at to order your HealthPointe pack and get the NEW YOU started!

We look forward to help you reach your optimal health!


Weight Loss and Wellness made simple

No Gym, no strenuous exercise, no gimmicks

Prices starting from $125

Additional one on one support - $50 for 30 days (Optional)

Organic minerals and supplements packages - from $104.19 (Optional)

Gift Vouchers available

Why HealthPointe 2.0?

Healthpointe 2.0 ®

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All for $125, the pack includes:-

  1. User Guide - all you need to know including menus, sizing and daily motivation

  2. Journal - jot down how you feel, monitor your progress, keep note what works best for you

  3. 2 CDs - Health and Wellness experts break it all down for you, so you can apply it easily

  4. 1 DVD - the program explained, so you can show others (help them understand your goals)

  5. Pedometer - track your daily moderate exercise

  6. Tape / BMI calculator - watch your body measurements melt away

The price includes an initial Get Started session with Baby D’Amour Wellness consultant.

What is in the HealthPointe 2.0 Pack?

We recommend you use in conjunction with the program high quality organic vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements to help your body’s journey to optimal health.

These products are a simple common sense additions to a healthy lifestyle which more and more health practitioner recommend.  They are by no means compulsory to purchase.

You are welcome to use your own if you already have a vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements regime that you are happy with.

Take the test!

     Would you like to...

  1. Have more Energy?

  2. Look and Feel Fantastic?

  3. Bounce out of bed in the morning?

  4. Lose some Weight?

  5. Minimise the risk of Cardio-Vascular Diseases and other ailments such as heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes or cancer?


     Are you frustrated?

  1. Your current or past weight loss program are not working and it is not for the lack of trying?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions, HealthPointe 2.0 can help your overall Well-Being.

How much has it cost you to become unhealthy?

What is it worth to you to change?

It’s good to be fit,

It’s better to be healthy!

Buy your HealthPointe 2.0 Pack NOW here:

Order NOW your HealthPointe 2.0 Pack.

We look forward to help you reach

your healthy goals!

Did you know?

  1. What we eat,

  2. How much we eat,

  3. How we exercise,

  4. How we handle stress,

  5. Destructive habits like smoking or excessive drinking...

All of these factors contribute greatly to how long we live and how well we feel...

and get the NEW YOU started!

For more information you can also

logon to (input the PASSWORD ‘wellness’ to enter the site)

then come back to to

order your HealthPointe 2.0 Pack.

Buy HealthPointe 2.0 for just $95! Purchase HealthPointe 2.0 only $95. Buy HealthPointe 2.0 cheaper for just $95!

We look forward to help you reach your optimal health!