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Progurt Starter Pack

RRP $450.00

Our Price $420.00

Save $30.00!

Progurt Discovery Pack

RRP $510.00

Our Price $480.00

Save $30.00!

Progurt Trial Pack

RRP $210.00

Our Price $198.00

Save $12.00!

Progurt 5 Satchels

RRP $120.00

Our Price $108.00

Save $12.00!

Progurt 10 Satchels

RRP $230.00

Our Price $207.00

Save $23.00!

Progurt 15 Satchels

RRP $300.00

Our Price $270.00

Save $30.00!

Progurt 30 Satchels

RRP $550.00

Our Price $495.00

Save $55.00!

Prebiotic Syrup

RRP $60.00

Our Price $60.00

Magnease Drops

RRP $60.00

Our Price $60.00

Progurt Incubator

RRP $90.00

Our Price $90.00

Progurt Incubator additional Tub

RRP $10.00

Our Price $10.00

Nutriway XS Energy Incredible Edibles pack

Energy without the kilojoules!

containing fast, convenient and healthier food alternatives

Our Price $61.00

Nutriway Daily

60 tablets

One-a-day Multivitamin and Mineral

Our Price $34.96

Nutriway Omega 3 Complex

90 capsules

Helps maintain cell membranes and supports healthy cholesterol levels

Our Price $34.95

Nutriway Pack

The perfect combination of nutrients to maintain and support optimal health.

Contains Double X®, Concentrated Fruits and Vegetables, Omega-3 Complex

Our Price $216.30

Nutriway Double X®

high potency supplement supercharged with 12 essential vitamins, 8 minerals and 7 phytonutrients.

93 tablets (31 Day supply)

Our Price $127.91

Balance Your Hormones,

Balance Your Life. Achieving Optimal Health and Wellness through Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, and Western Science.

Book by Dr Claudia Welsh

RRP $26.99

Our Price $23.00

Nutriway Trim Body System Booster Pack

combines three unique Nutriway products in 1 convenient pack, which will enhance your weight loss

Our Price $119.10

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slim + detox Elimitona, 20 day programme Brauer Natural Medicine.

Homeopathic medicine to aid or assist weight loss and assist detoxification.

2 x 200ml Oral liquid.

RRP $34.95

Our Price $24.95

Save $10.00!

Hot flashes, warm bottles: a must have book for first-time mothers over 40.

Book by Nancy London

Very hard to source in Australia

RRP $28.99

Our Price $19.00

(Used - Very good condition)

Nutriway POSITRIM Protein bars

Packed with 22g of high quality protein to help boost your energy stores, each bar is a convenient snack for bodies on the go.

Available in 4 delicious variants.

Pack of 9 bars (one flavour)

Our Price $63.59

Variety Pack of 16 bars (4 flavours)

Our Price $112.23

XSEnergy Drinks

Rocket powered drink to energise your body and mind without storing fat from kilojoules, carbs or sugar. Contains almost no sugar or carbohydrates and less than 10 calories. Fortified with a potent blast of B-vitamins

Available in 8 delicious variants.

Pack of 12x250ml cans (one flavour)

Our Price $35.40

Mixed Pack of 12x250ml cans (7 flavours, excludes Classic blast). Perfect for Parties

Our Price $35.40

Australian Bush Flowers Combination Essences®

Emotional Care and Well-Being. Rare remedial qualities of the native Australian bush captured by Ian White

30ml drops bottle

RRP $15.45

Our Price $13.50

Save $1.95!

NPowerYourMind.com guided Meditations CDs now Available for Purchase ONLY $9.99 each


Smiling Meditation CD.

Harvests the healing powers perfected centuries ago by the Shaolin monks of China.  A journey through our body to activate the Qi, our natural inner source of energy, the energy of life and love and healing.

Our Price $9.99

All 3 Meditations for $25

Save $4.97!


Forgiveness Meditation CD.

Designed to help you deal with relationships that no longer serve you. It allows to cut emotional ties with people, either permanently to let those people go off to grow, to learn and evolve, or to reconnect with them in a new way, so you can see them a-new.

Our Price $9.99

All 3 Meditations for $25

Save $4.97!


Living Nature Meditation CD.

Inspired by Deepak Chopra.

Connecting with Nature is a wonderful way to witness the dance of the universe and to see ourselves as part of this magnificent symphony. A journey through Nature, to enter the silence.

Our Price $9.99

All 3 Meditations for $25

Save $4.97!